Murray Woman's Club

Murray Woman's Club

Joetta Kelly

Clubhouse Manager
(270) 753-5023

Murray Woman's Club

Purpose Statements

General Federation of Women’s Clubs Purpose:

The object of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs shall be to bring into communication and to unite the women’s clubs and like organizations throughout the world for the purpose of mutual benefit and for the promotion of their common interest in educational, industrial, literary, artistic, and scientific culture as interpreted and implemented by established policy.

GFWC Kentucky Purpose:

The object and purpose of GFWC Kentucky Federation of Women’s Clubs is to bring together the representatives of various clubs of women in Kentucky engaged in the work of educational, industrial, literary, artistic, scientific, and cultural pursuits for the purpose of providing community service.

Murray Woman’s Club Purpose:

The mutual improvement of its members and the promotion of any worthy community cause. Practical, civic, and educational work shall be undertaken as well as purely cultural studies.